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HPMC V caps Plus®

HPMC (HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose) or Hypromellose capsules of CAPSUGEL are capsules of completely vegetable origin, without any content of animal elements.

– Extremely suitable for applying nutritional supplements from plant raw materials, herbal extracts, hygroscopic ingredients, etc. vegetarian products, as well as products of mineral origin
– Extremely suitable for application of highly hygroscopic ingredients
– They have a low moisture content (5-8%)
– Free from GMOs, allergens, preservatives, gluten, sugar
– Not subject to Kosher and Halal certification
– Available in sizes “3” to “00”
– All types of herbal capsules are accompanied by the necessary certificates and regulatory documents

CAPSUGEL herbal capsules are developed in several variants depending on the needs of the client.

The main types of plant capsules are Vcaps®, Vcaps Plus®, DR Caps® & Plantcaps®.

The main features of VCaps are:

– V caps are 1st generation capsules of plant origin (HMPC)
– V caps are distinguished by a disintegration period of 40-45 minutes at pH 1.2
– V caps are distinguished by a limited color range when used for food additives due to restrictive European norms limiting a number of colorants (European regulation 231)
– The latest development plant capsules are called Vcaps PLUS® and combine the natural characteristics of VCaps with the customization possibilities typical of gelatin capsules (printing, color, manufacturing advantages).

– Vcaps PLUS are suitable for application of energy products, herbal extracts, hygroscopic products, amino acids and medicines
– Vcaps PLUS are new generation HPMC capsules (made only from Hypromellose + water). They combine the natural characteristics of VCaps with the possibilities of individualization characteristic of gelatin capsules (printing, color, production advantages)
– Vcaps PLUS feature a rapid, predictable and statistically proven disintegration period of 10-15 min at various pH levels
– Vcaps PLUS demonstrate exceptional mechanical properties in the filling process (typical of gelatin capsules)
– Vcaps PLUS feature a wide range of colors – please use the inquiry form or contact us by email or phone to familiarize yourself with the possible colors of VCaps PLUS

Despite some differences in behavior and properties, V Caps & V Caps Plus are made of the same material 100% HPMC with no difference in analytical certificates

To choose the most suitable plant carrier for your needs, please open the attached table.