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HPMC Digestive Resistant DRcaps®

DRcaps™ are innovative, specially designed vegetarian capsules designed to protect the ingredient from stomach acidity and deliver the active ingredient to the intestines. These capsules are extremely suitable for inserting probiotics and other similar ingredients.

– DRcaps™ feature an extended disintegration time (50-55 min.) and a statistically proven release of 80% of the ingredient in the gut.
– DRcaps™ does not retain odor or leave a bad aftertaste
– DRcaps™ have a low moisture content (5-7%)

In addition to the above features, DRcaps™ enable a number of advantages:

– Reduced production costs and complexity – you don’t have to add acid regulators to the ingredient
– Shortened R&D cycle – no need to add chemicals, diluents, etc. protections from the acidity of the stomach
– The low moisture content of the capsule protects the hygroscopic ingredients from prior damage
– It masks the taste and smell of the ingredients and minimizes the risk of reflux
– Exceptional quality – manufactured in accordance with GMP
– Accompanied by all necessary certificates and ensured traceability of primary materials