• Capsugel

    The worldwide leader in the production of hard gelatin and vegetable capsules.

  • SGD

    Мanufacturer of full range of glass vials, light and dark glass.

  • Aptar Stelmi

    Manufacturer of rubber caps for bottles, infusion bags, infusion vials.

  • Biogrund

    Мanufacturer of film coatings - readily soluble in water or organic solvents.

  • Sippex

    Manufacturer of medical bags, lay-flat, tubes and connectors.

  • Ema Pharma.

    Manufacturer of aluminium caps.

  • Feton Int.

    Мanufacturer of small capsule filling equipments.

    Official website: https://fetonfillers.com/

  • Faca Plasticos

    Manufacturer of PET packagings for cosmetics.

  • Astra Plastique

    Manufacturer of wide range of screw caps & dropping devices for pharmaceutical use.

  • Farmabios

    Manufacturer of hormones and antibiotics.

  • Polipack.pl

    Producer of high quality plastic packagings: polypropylene, PET and polyethylene.

  • Embelia

    EMBELIA (ex.VG-Emballage) is a supplier recognised for the quality of its services to professionals in the industry. A distributor of packaging that designs, manufactures and distributes its ranges of products.

  • Rovipharm

    Over the past 30 years, ROVIPHARM has become the specialist manufacturer of medical and dosing devices for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.